We are called to:
encourage, teach and exhort believers into active corporate and individual evangelism, through revelation knowledge concerning their personal covenant freedom in Christ Jesus.

Having their total reliance (faith) in the Word of God, together with the anointed powerful Ministry of the Holy Spirit, they will reverse the present partial disobedience of the Church to make disciples of all nations.

only by the mass evangelism of their own nations by armies of believers who have discovered true freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ, operating in His Anointing, can the lost of this world be won before the soon-appearing of our Lord Jesus, and the rapture of His Church to Heaven.

We are called to:
the nations, particularly those forgotten, down-trodden peoples, some of whom have never before heard the Gospel. They will respond to the demonstration of love and power of the Lord Jesus as He heals with signs and wonders.

This will be achieved by:
joining with local believers, pastors and other ministries in preaching the Gospel in places that sometimes are too uncomfortable, naturally dangerous or which may not be conducive to conventional evangelistic endeavour.



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